[Video] Toyota Rav4 2015 Review and Road Trips!

Summer is the time for holidays, family reunions and road trips! In the last couple of months we were able to experience all three. Just a couple of weeks ago, we drove down to Florida for my husband’s family reunion.

Here’s a quick 3 minute video about our experience in the Rav4!

It’s a time where we get to see family we don’t see often, see how all the babies have grown and have a great time. My favorite time is dinner, because his family can cook and eat! Everyone crowds around and you have to get in where you fit in!

Rav 1

This year we were lucky enough to enjoy the Toyota Rav4 2015 on this road trip, family reunion and the 4th of July! We spent the reunion at Lake Louisa, which was a camping ground. We stayed in cabins with no tv’s or wifi!

Although on Saturday, I called Sprint to get a hotspot because I had to see POWER! (My new addiction!)

Rav 4

During our road trip, we saved so much money on gas with the 2015 Rav4 and were able to get at least 25 mpg. Once we were in Florida we paid $17 to fill the tank up! Yes, $17!

In Florida, 90 degree weather is almost an every day occurrence, so blasting the air was an automatic feature we had to have. It flowed effortlessly as we hopped in and out of the car running errands.

Rav 5

When you have peace with your transportation, you can relax and enjoy the real reason we are there; family time! We were able to get up early and fish one morning and my daughter actually snagged an alligator. It was a baby, but still!

Rav 2

Riding in the Rav4 allowed us to take our mind off of the road and enjoy family time. Here are a few features that we enjoyed on our trip:

  • Dual Screen Functions | meaning we had the GPS on, while searching for Sirus XM radio. (3 Months of Satellite provided for new owners too!)
  • Remote-less key entry | we got out of the car so much, and only having to have the keys around me made it easier to start and hit the road.
  • USB Connection | I am so tired of having to look for a charger! Now I just needed my cord and I was good to go!
  • Rear view camera | My husband says I can’t drive without my mirrors, but the camera helps me out too because I like to back in my parking spaces.
  • Eco Drive Option | It allows you to use less gas which means more money in your pocket.
  • Blindside option | The Rav4 displays a light when a car is on your blind spot.

Rav4 review

The Rav4 2015 ranges from $24K – $29K depending on which edition is best for you.

As you can tell, with all these features that we were able to enjoy our road experience and make new memories? Could you see yourself in a Rav4?




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  • Tori
    July 9, 2015 at 11:28 am

    Nice. The interior looks like the NX Lexus.