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iwi Fresh Green & White Party Recap & Skincare Heaven

“I want to age gracefully.”

This is a statement that I have repeated over and over again to my friends throughout the years. It’s still true.

We can’t stop time or the fact that we will get older or look older, but based on how we treat our bodies, we can control the speed at which that happens.

iwi_freshThis past Saturday I was invited to attend the 4th Anniversary party for iwi Fresh, a natural garden spa. I am always up for a cool event, but I was more excited because this place celebrates natural living and “aging gracefully” with ingredients right out of the garden. I couldn’t wait to learn more.

All the guest were supposed to wear green or white, and walked a green carpet when we arrived.

11412245_10205907207152862_8117300873590427391_nWho is iwi Fresh?

iwi Fresh is an organic garden spa: “We relax, we scrub, we massage, we cleanse, we cultivate your mind, body and soul. Fertilize your tomatoes (heart), pamper your carrots (vision) and strengthen your celery (bones). “

iwi_freshiwi Fresh is located in the Castleberry Hill art district of Downtown Atlanta. They offer garden fresh skincare products, made by hand. Their skincare chef, Yolanda Owens uses raw, fresh and organic ingredients for all types of skin.  Every week they have specials that are too good not to take advantage of:

  • 1/2 Off BFF Special
  • $25 Mani/Pedi combo
  • $25 Massage Wednesday
  • $45 Gentleman Jack Thursday
  • Fresh Saturday Mimosa
  • Yoga Thursday

Now What About Their Products?

iwi-freshI can’t give you every product on this post, but here are a few that caught my attention!

squash-it-out’face cleanser
real-grits’ face cleansing bar
‘mint-2-be’face cleansing bar
‘flax-grits-mato’ face scrub
asparagus-my-face’ mask
lettuce-face-it’face mist
14-carrot-glow’face cream
$36.50/4oz.  $18.50/1oz
$36.50/4oz.  $19.50/1oz
$36.50/4oz.  $17.50/1oz
$45.50/4oz.  $25.50/1oz


They have 14 different organic body scrubs made with flax-seeds, organic brown sugar, shea butter and coco butter with RAW Honey added.

iwi_freshNow … About Last Night …

For the past 4 years, iwi Fresh has served it’s community and they have returned the love with a night of celebrating!



iwi_freshHere I am with the iwi Fresh creator Yolanda OwensInspired by her grandmother who treated family ills with nutrition and self-made herbal remedies, Owens produced her own line of skincare products and organic beauty creams for herself and her friends. 

iwi_freshFun Fact:

Do you watch BET’s The Game & Being Mary Jane? Well, iwi Fresh served as Chardonay’s Salon and also the spa where Mary Jane went off to relax!

iwi_freshIt was good to catch up with my blogging boo Kim as well!!

I can honestly say, I will be making my way towards Atlanta to get a treatment and purchase that carrot moisturizer!

Have you ever heard of iwi Fresh? What products do you use? 




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  • LaShawn
    June 14, 2015 at 5:28 pm

    I’ve never been there! I love the specials! I will have to check them out!

  • Crista
    June 16, 2015 at 7:23 am

    Really dug this post! I’m all for natural hair and skin products. Some of these product names are soooo interesting haha. If I’m in Atlanta, I’ll definitely check it out sometime.