Child’s Video Book Review: Escape the Rat Race by Robert Kiyosaki

I bought the book Escape the Rat Race by Robert T. Kiyosaki from Amazon. I really want my children to embrace entrepreneurship, saving money and making good money choices at a young age. I read good reviews about this book, and for $5.81 it was no excuse not to purchase it.

My son started reading this book the day it came and had finished it by day 2. I was surprised but once I realized it was written in comic book form, I could see why it was an ease to breeze through.

It’s written in the form on a fun story, which keeps children interested but learning at the same time. I asked my son to give me 3 key points he picked up from the book and we did a video review.

Purchase Escape the Rat Race from Amazon & let me know what your child thinks!

Could you see yourself buying this book for your child?




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