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12 Marley Twist Styles in Under 4 Minutes

I’ve been wearing crochet for quite sometime now (and honestly going back to it in June), but I kept seeing these girls in beautiful Marley Twist. I want to give my crochet’s a break, but I also still wanted a cute protective style for my hair.

My good friend Bridget, owns her own hair salon and confidently told me she could twist my hair. After 9 bags and 5 hours later, my hair was tight (literally) and twisted. I was excited to introduce my Spring style to my friends. Everyone loved it and honestly I do it.

12 Marley 1

Although, I have my hair braided twisted, I still like variety. I created a quick video of 12 styles (out of many) that I can do with my twist. On an average day, I wear the front up in a bun but when I am going out – I like to do it a tad bit different.

Bridget’s # 404.379.0161  (Austell/Marietta, GA) Tell her I sent you!

12 Marley Twist Styles in under 4 minutes!! Of course it didn’t take 4 minutes to make, but I hope that you liked a few of the styles and when/if you get your hair braided or twisted you would be open to trying a few different looks.

Which # was your favorite?



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  • Aerolyn
    May 11, 2015 at 2:37 pm

    Super cute styles! Going to try these with my box braids. Sidenote: It only took her 5 hours?! She’s a rockstar!!

  • MJ
    May 14, 2015 at 10:53 pm

    So cute Bernetta. I wish could wear braids. Between migraines and my terrible scalp issues, I don’t think I can pull of this style. I wish because this mommy is tired and hair is a pain right now.