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UniverSoul Circus Atlanta Review

My family were provided tickets to the UniverSoul Circus for an Atlanta review, but all my thoughts are 100% my own.

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Last week my family was given a cool opportunity to experience the UniverSoul Circus on opening night here at Turner Field in Atlanta. I hadn’t been in 13 years, before marriage & children.  So it felt like the first time. We didn’t tell my children we were going until we pulled up, and then the jumping and screaming started! Apparently, they had heard about this before!


We all honestly enjoyed the UniverSoul Circus. From the beginning of the show, the music and entertainment had us grooving. When there wasn’t a circus act on stage, the music or crowd participation activities kept you laughing, dancing or wondering what was coming next.

So far, so great!! Couldn’t get all the acts, but ooooh and aaahhhing in here!! #universoulcircus #BestCircusEver

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After each act they announced where the people were from, and these entertainers were from all over the world (Honduras, South America, Africa, & more).


The circus started at 7:30pm and ended a little after 10:30pm, which honestly was late for a school night. I think that’s because intermission ran a little longer than normal, but I am not sure if the kids minded because they offered Camel rides on stage.


The UniverSoul Circus will be in Atlanta through March 1st! I definitely think it’s worth taking your family to see it at least once. There were times we were literally holding our breath at some of the performances! I tried to ask my kids what was there favorite part, but they named almost every act:

  • The Dirt Bikers
  • The Elephant Act
  • Trinity (these ladies were amazing)
  • The Mambo boys
  • and more …



Have you ever been to the UniverSoul Circus? Are you planning to go?




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