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(Review) Winter Car Preparation in the Toyota 2015 Yaris #HolidayPrep

toyota yaris

Thanks to Toyota I was able to test out this 2015 Toyota Yaris but all opinions expressed here are 100% my own!

Living in Hotlanta, it’s so easy to forget during those long hot humid Summer months, that Winter is coming. Toyota was so kind to let me drive their 2015 Yaris for a week, not only to prepare (#HolidayPrep) for the New Year & my Birthday, but to explain to you how to get your car properly ready for the winter!


Last year, Atlanta was on the national news because of 2 inches of snow and ice. Thousands were stranded in the highways, streets and neighborhoods for hours. We stayed off the road for days and personally took a vow, not to let it be us stuck on the road this year!

toyota yaris

The 2015 Toyota Yaris made me feel single again! Being a married mother of three, the Yaris, gave me a great excuse to do a BFF get-away! That was a great reason for my best friend, Aseelah, and I to hit the road like Thelma & Louise!

DSCN2397toyota yaris

Over the week, I went to work, hit the thrift stores, skated with the kids, attended Church service for New Years Eve, danced all night at the Delta Sigma Theta Gala, laughed all night at Uptown Comedy Club for my birthday & celebrated Aseelah’s birthday too! We lived! We hit the streets!

yaris college

How did the Yaris handle Me and the Bestie?

  • Small is the new big! The Yaris allowed us to get in and out quickly while on the road. It hugged the road and allowed me to bob and weave with ease.
  • Saved money on GAS! It’s 32 mpg and literally filled up with $19 ($2.15 a gallon).  We both sat in amazed silence!

The Unexpected Arctic Freeze

While Aseelah was here, the weather was lovely. The news soon started warning us that single digit weather was coming soon. My husband went down a checklist of things to do, to make sure your car is Winter Ready:


  • Make sure the battery is ready to go. The cold weather is tough on batteries.


  • Check the tire pressure and tread levels. Driving in tough conditions is made worse with worn tires.
  • Make sure your defroster is working properly.


  • Put new antifreeze in the cooling system.
  • Check the wiper blades and washer fluid. You might need cold weather washer fluid and winter wiper blades.


  • Have the brakes checked. Patches of black ice can start forming at 37 degrees.
  • Check to see that headlights are aimed properly and that brake lights work.

So, Let’s Learn More about the 2015 Yaris!

The 2015 has been revamped by Toyota and totes a price tag of only $16,770 – $18,445! I told you before I was able to get a full tank with $19, and that’s because it has an EPA of 30/36 mpg.


Some of the features include:

  • 3 or 5 door hatchback four speed, four cylinder engine.
  • It sports a modern look inside and out.
  • Inside mounted spare tire
  • Bluetooth wireless data link for hands-free phone


Riding around with Aseelah in the Yaris made me feel care free! I also feel fully prepared for the winter with my vehicle prepped for the cold frigid temperatures. If you would like more information about features and how to possibly test drive one for you or a family member, visit

Is your car winter ready?



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