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Why Being Thankful is Never Overrated | Macy’s Heart of Haiti


“Raise your hand if you are thankful!”, my Bishop says on Sunday mornings.

“Raise your hand if you are thankful you can even raise your hand!”, and that’s usually when people start to scream, cry or just yell out loud how thankful they are.

It’s the little things that we need to be more grateful for in our lives. Things like our health, our sight & hearing, being able to breathe on our own, shelter (no matter how big or small), running water, clothes & shoes (no matter how many or what name brand), food in the pantry, a job, family and friends.

Life is about more than the big house and possible riches and fame. It’s about being grateful for the little things, because somewhere there is someone without those things.

In all things, be grateful.

There are times you realize just how good your have it when you see what someone else has lost. This January will mark 5 years since the earthquake in Haiti changed lives forever. When the earthquake happened, it was on the news for days. People were raising money and even going over there to help. Then the media coverage died down and unless you had family there, you probably forgot about the people, the tragedy and the lives affected by it.

You went back to living your life as it was.

Not the Haitians.

They had to get used to a new normal and basically rebuild.

Enter Macy’s …

Macy’s, Willia Shalit, and the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund (2010), started the Heart of Haiti. The Heart of Haiti allows talented artisans the ability to use their gift and make money to rebuild their lives and community at the same time.

Christmas time is coming and you could bless someone you love with a great handmade gift & help a family in a Haiti as well. I was sent this beautifully hand crafted multi shaded blue vase to review. As soon as I took it out of the box, I showed my husband. His response was, “Wow!”. I told him it’s handmade, “Double WOW! That’s beautiful!”


The blue circle vase is made with raw materials using a traditional paper mache technique by artists in Jacmel – a beautiful coastal town in Haiti. These artisans are able to create beautiful, unique items using only the scraps and materials they have around them – like old, paper, cement bags used to create my blue circle vase.

I learned that once the aftermath of the earthquake was over, 1 million people were left homeless. When you employ one artist in Haiti, the entire community benefits. Over 500 artists employed are benefitting over 3,000 members of their extended family. To put this into perspective, the average Haitian’s annual income is only $400 – for a year!  Add to that, Haiti has an estimated 400,000 artisans (out of a 10M population) who rely solely on their handcrafted goods as a source of income. No other sector of employment even approaches such numbers.

With the help of Macy’s and YOU, these hardworking artisans can continue to support their family. The holiday season will be fast approaching. When you are thinking about a special gift for a loved one, consider a Heart of Haiti handmade pieces. The items are sold on Macy’

So don’t just wait until you are sitting around the Thanksgiving table to finally think about just how good you have. Be grateful & thankful everyday. With every breath, give thanks. It could be worse, but thank God it’s not.

Heart of Haiti can be found and followed on social media at @HeartofHaiti on Twitter and on Facebook.

For additional information about how Heart of Haiti is helping the community, visit this page.

“I am a  member of the Everywhere Society and they provided me with this product for review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.”



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