{Video} Family Review Ford Escape 2014 #HappyCommute

DSCN1961If you have one child or 5 children, the chances are you are ripping and running at some point in the day. I have three that range from 1yrs – 9 yrs and they have their own needs, schedules and appointments. This does not include what “Mommy & Daddy” have to do just to keep the house functioning properly.

Kids don’t care about the “House Stuff”, all they know is “It’s summer time, let’s go swimming!” or “School has started, can you take me to cheerleading practice?” I am so happy that I was able to review the 2014 Ford Escape at a time when the seasons were changing. I mean “The Kid Season”, where we go from Summer to School.

I decided to capture a few moments in the car while my children tell me their favorite feature of the Ford Escape. Towards the end of the video, my daughter flips it and starts to interview me:

My biggest question was, “Can this car handle a Mom on a the go?” Not only did the Ford Escape make my life easier, my children wanted me to sell my own car and keep the Escape. I told my kids, “Ooooh, I wish it were that easy.”

Coolest Family Features:

Keyless Trunk Entry

Enabled by motion technology used in today’s video game systems, a gentle kicking motion under the center of the rear bumper activates, unlocks and raises the liftgate when the driver has the Escape key fob. The same process closes the hatch.

Gas Saver: 

Our Escape was a EcoBoost which means it has a 4 cylinder engine that gets 32 mpg highway. The engine technology allows for better acceleration (that get up and go), passing and merging performance.


With SYNC My Ford Touch, everything is centered around the safety of the driver. The touch screen allows you to sync your phone, has a navigation system, controls entertainment and climate controls. When you put the car in reverse, the touch screen turns into a camera to help you see what is behind you. 

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Pursuit to a Happy Commute:

School starts in early August around these parts and my children had just settled in to their after school activites when the Ford Escape arrived. As a family that stays busy, we spend a lot of time in our car which makes our commute time even more important. In a recent national study from Ford shows that the majority of drivers have a less than positive commute, which affects their stress levels, relationships and everyday health.

Ford’s Pursuit of a Happy CommuteFord created some helpful tips inspired by the Ford Escape that can help Moms like me ease in from Summer to School while keeping stress low and family interaction high.

Mommy on the go: Drive time ranks in your top three day-to-day activities. In between practices and carpools, use the Ford Escape’s SYNC voice commands to make calls and organize your day, so when you arrive to pick up the kids you won’t have to worry about your long list of things to do. The do it all mom (or dad!) strikes again!

Kid Time: Don’t let drive time eat into ‘our’ time. Enjoy the time with the kiddos during the ride to and from school by encouraging a “phone free” ride. Use the “Do Not Disturb” feature on MyFord Touch to block incoming calls and enjoy the one-on-ones with the kids!

All Green Lights: One-in-five Americans describe their daily trek as “unpredictable.” To avoid traffic jam headaches and to steer clear of being late for any activity, use Ford SYNC with voice-activated navigation that will provide you with multiple alternative route options to get you to your destination with ease. We do not want you to be blamed for tardiness this semester!

To read about more ways to make your commute a happy one, visit Ford.com 

Have you experienced the Ford Escape 2014? What do you think?




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  • Renae
    September 15, 2014 at 5:03 pm

    Great review, and I think I perfer the cute kids over the car!!!