Paternity Court’s Lauren Lake Tells Me Why You Can’t Go By Looks but Science


Do you watch court tv? Do you think it’s real or just for tv? I had an opportunity to attend a taping of Paternity Court and actually meet family attorney Lauren Lake afterward. On the episode I was able to attend, the young lady had two children in question and the test revealed that the gentleman in court was the father of one but not the other.

The court room was shocked, but at the moment we all realized that – this is real life! Paternity Court (similar to Maury) reveals DNA results for parents who are unsure about whether “They Are The Father!” The show was renewed for a 2nd season and starts September 22nd. Check your local listing for your network schedule.

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As I mentioned above, I was able to ask Judge Lauren Lake a few questions after the taping:

What is the biggest misconception about paternity in GA?

The biggest misconception that we tackle on the show is that the Paternity lies with the father’s lack of responsibility. We find that the women are the keepers of the secret. That’s not just a Georgia thing, but also a nationwide thing. The lady today left out that she was sleeping with someone else.

People want to make it a dirty little secret. It’s a child’s right to know who their parents are and we need to regard it as such. Most of us are 2 to 3 degrees of separation between some person/family member away from someone who has issue with paternity.

The truth is always absolute. That is what we give here.

Why do people think they can tell paternity by looks only?

There have been times where I have sat on the bench and have been confused in the testimony. I have 20 years on the bench and still say, “Well she does have his nose.” Sometimes a child can look just like the person but that doesn’t mean that they are related. We sometimes create the result we want to have.  When people start saying, “I didn’t know because the baby did not look like me.” I understand that from a human standpoint, because people always pick out the features of a child.

Do you do the test here at the show? No, we have a lab that administer the test.

When do YOU find out the results of the DNA test? When I read the results in front of the courtroom. Everything I say after I read the results is coming from my heart and experience.

How many take people up on the counseling? Very many and they give them resources in their home state. They also follow up on them. We are dealing with people’s lives and we want to make sure they are on the right track.

Do you watch this show? What do you like about it?



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