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Ask Bernetta {Video} How do you manage life and exercise/healthy eating?

I often get asked, “How do you manage life (wife, mom, ft job, blogger and more) and fit in exercising?” I decided to make a quick response video. If you want a one sentence answer, I have to say that I make it apart of my life – not separate.

I don’t look at exercise and especially eating healthy as something I have to “fit in”. I look at it as something I must to do have the quality of life I desire. We have control over many things in our life and many health issues can be prevented if we treat our bodies right. One of my favorite phrases is, “Prevention is better than solution…”

Taking care of yourself on a consistent basis allows you to prevent a host of health issues. I have to eat to live and I have to exercise to maintain my body’s health as well. It’s simple for me.

How do you manage life and exercise?  



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