{Video} 4 Reasons Why the Bronner Brothers Hair Show is a Must Attend #BBHappyHair

If you were a hair stylist, a student or like me (a person who just loves her HAIR), then you should have been at the 2014 Bronner Brothers Hair show in Atlanta, August 2-5th. I had not been in at least 5 years, but with all the new things the have added – it felt like the first time. The Bronner Brothers Hair show is a hair stylist dream because they cover every aspect of the hair industry. The theme this year was Happy Hair which simply means, healthy hair from the inside out.

Bronner Bros Bloggers #BBhappyhair 2014

I was lucky to be apart of the official Bronner Brothers Blogger Team for 2014! This gave me a great opportunity to see everything that was going on, and I am grateful I had my video camera! I made a video capturing what I experienced at the hair show. Enjoy!

Here are 4 Great Reasons to attend Bronner Bros Hair Show:

  • Classes, classes and more classes: This year there were more than 200 classes covering topics ranging from Social Media, Marketing, and all things Hair of course! You could attend this Hair Show and leave fully educated and armed with information to transform your business. IyvN9SRDfEEnY55Oc7dIthc-8ydJ7b1O9hIRqiPv798
  • Celebrity Stylist: The hair show always brings out the who’s who of hair. They come to this show ready to share the tricks of the trade, answer questions, host sessions which let you know that your dream is possible. Kim Kimble_bronnerbrothers
  • Distributors: You can always tell a stylist at that the hair show by their bag! It’s never a purse, but a rolling suitcase. Stylist come to the hair show because it’s the best time of the year to stock up on all their products. They leave with a full suitcase of the newest things for hair and skin care. hPukRbdp4RvD3zVs_u7J2lNJovTtVcB7_oxmSuM7z0c
  • The SHOWS: Every year the stakes get higher and higher with the many competition. The audience stays on pins and needles because they never know what they are going to see. The shows range from best makeup, fantasy hair, barber competition, fashion show, and of course HAIR! I am always amazed when I see hair transformed into something my mind could not conceive.r5mHewnscuRavguVJ6_GaXl2tYj1LN2KnKDBYR2V6xA Bronner Bros Hair Show_BernettaStyle_Africa Miranda_Don Juan, Derek J

I was lucky enough to get interviewed on the radio, meet some fab reality stars, and even the President, Bernard Bronner and Owner, Nathaniel Bronner ! What an honor and privilege!




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