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White: This Year’s Summers Color and 5 Ways to Wear it : Simple Summer Series

Many of us are excited to celebrate the summertime. After all, summer is a long-anticipated time of the year, and it would only make sense for us to want to take in all that it has to offer.


When it comes to fashion, summer is one of the best times to show off your knowledge. Part of fashion includes staying up to date with critical trends, whether they include patterns, colors, or styles. This year, one color has made a tremendous impact, and that color just so happens to be white.

If wearing white isn’t one of your strong points, then here is a helpful guide with five ways to wear white.

1. Light, Airy Skirts

So, you aren’t sure what to do with that gorgeous black and white crop top? One good solution is to wear a light and airy skirt. Try to go with skirts that show a little bit of poof, but not too much. You might also want to opt for skirts that have a little bit of embroidery in its detail, since this will give it a casual, carefree, and fun girly look.

2. Cropped Shorts

Ready to go to the beach? Don’t forget to hit the sand without your pair of cropped white shorts. Perfect for withstanding the scorching summer sun, your cropped shorts will prove to be two things: comfortable and fashionable. Pair it with your bikini top or wear it with your favorite tank. Just don’t forget to apply your sunscreen!


3. Swimsuits – of all Kinds

If you plan on fitting in with the hot summer fashion trend of wearing white, do not forget to apply this rule to your swimsuits! This year, there are a ton of bathing suit trends. Try wearing a super-cute and retro-inspired bikini with a long hat, or even opt for the ever-fascinating monokini. If you want to stay classic, then do not forget the more well-known options of bikinis and one-piece bathing suits.


4. Accessories

Just because you want white to be the focal color of your wardrobe doesn’t mean that you have to forget about the accessories. This year, remember to purchase big, bold sunglasses in white and to bring it all together with a large floppy hat. You could also go a little chic and wear white bangles around your wrist, complemented by a nice pair of white high heels. (However, make sure that your whole outfit isn’t white!)

5. Maxi Dresses

One summer favorite is the popular maxi dress. This is the perfect dress to go for a nice walk in during the hot summertime and is perfect for barbeques or other fun summer celebrations. Don’t forget to accessorize with more colorful accessories if you choose to go with a white maxi dress.

Summer is a ton of fun, and your wardrobe can reflect that. When you have a great summer outfit to show around your friends, you’ll feel confident and happy. Try out white this year as a fashion statement option, whether your wear a white embroidered skirt or a retro-themed swimsuit.

How are you wearing your summer white? 

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Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post. 



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