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Summertime Swimming & Benefits of Getting in the Pool

The Summer time allows us to do so many activities that you don’t want the season to end. One of my favorite children’s activities is swimming. The funny thing is neither one of them can! We bought my son swimming lessons last year, but he didn’t actually fully learn. We are going to get both of them lessons AGAIN this year because so many of their friends already know how to swim and it’s important.
Whether they know how to swim or not, they LOVE the water. Pool time is a great Simple Summer activity you can do with your children or that special someone. Whether you sit in your favorite floaty, just put your feet in the water, relax in the pool chairs or do full out laps, summer-time swimming is fun and relaxing.


Here are some safety tips to remember while at the pool:

  • Always have a swim buddy; do not allow your children to swim alone.
  • Have young children or inexperienced swimmers wear life jackets around water.
  • Protect your skin and wear sunscreen. Limit the amount of direct sunlight between 10am-4pm.
  • Never run, push or play around the pool.

Here are 3 benefits of summer swimming:

  • Swimming is easy on the joints.
  • Swimming is great for weight loss.
  • It helps strengthen muscle.  

To read more benefits, read 10 Benefits of Swimming that will have you Jumping in the pool. 

I found the cutest Kid’s Pledge online for your child to say before he gets in pool:  I, Baby Doe , pledge to Pool Safely I will never swim alone and will ask my parents to sign me up for swimming lessons. I will stay away from drains in the pool or hot tub. I will have fun, but always be safe when I’m in and around the water. –

And it wouldn’t be complete without the Adult Pledge: I pledge to Pool Safely. I,  Jane Doe 

  • Designate a water watcher every single time children in my care are in or near the water. (Learn More)
  • Make sure my kids know how to swim. (Learn More)
  • As a parent or guardian, learn CPR. (Learn More)
  • Always remove portable pool ladders when not in use. (Learn More)
  • Ensure all permanent pools have a proper fence and gate and safe drain covers. (Learn More)

Swimming at the pool or just playing in the water period is something we all look forward to. Do you enjoy a nice summer swim? 



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