{Video} Earth to Echo Review By The Kids

My children and I were lucky enough to see Earth to Echo a little earlier than most. When I first saw the previews, I thought it was going to be a modern day E.T. and I must say, I was actually right. The kids now have no idea who E.T. was, but I can really see the movie Earth to Echo capturing the hearts of young children  everywhere.


My kids (me too honestly) were on the edge of our seats for most of the movie. It’s shot similar to Blair Witch, because the kids in the movie are telling their own story from their perspective. You want the kids to win, what seems like an impossible battle -but you always know it could go either way. You really don’t find out what really happens to them all until the last few minutes of the movie.

I love to ask my children what did they learn and/or like about a film they screen and this time I got it on video. Also this is my second video I edited on my MacBook, so give me a little credit. I am getting better!

I know my children were really into Earth to Echo because they kept asking me questions through the movie. They wanted to make sure they really understood what was going on. A few times, they squeezed my arm when we really didn’t know what expect. And yes, there are laughs too! The characters are in late elementary/junior high school so they are also learning who they are and what they can actually achieve although they are only children.

If you go on Twitter or IG and look up the hashtag #EarthtoEcho, you will see some really cool gadgets from the movie! With Echo himself being out of this world, I guess you can’t expect anything less.

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