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How the Target Cartwheel App Saved Me Money on Diapers #TargetColors

I have been #TeamTarget for many years. If you read my last post about Target, I told you the secrets of the clearance rack but why am I pinching myself because I just learned about the Cartwheel app. I could’ve been saving more money!


Today, I used the app for diapers and the savings were so good. Here are the steps I took to save money & gain a Target gift card at the end of my purchase.

  • First – download the Cartwheel app to your phone.
  • Second – click on “all offers” and select the category you are interested in. For example; I selected baby, which opened a new window with all baby categories.  If you don’t know the category but just want to see if something is on sale, select scan, then scan the item. If it’s on sale, the discount will appear.
  • Third – Select the item you want to add to your list. I selected diapers because that is what I needed today. On the app they were %5 off. It doesn’t initially seem like a lot, but watch the savings add up!

  • Fourth – I find the diapers in the store and lookie here, they are not only on sale but if I buy two boxes – I will get a $15 gift card! For the record, we buy the Target brand diapers because they are quality diapers. You get more in the box and keep more $ in your pocket.


  • Fifth – I go to check out and she scans my phone’s barcode to get the 5% off.
  • Sixth – ** More Savings Alert ** If you have a Target RedCard you can save an additional 5% off your selected item and your entire purchase! That is exactly what we did.

Let’s review. We purchased two pack of diapers for $34.99 each which totaled $69.98.  Minus the Cartwheel 5% off (-3.49), then minus the RedCard 5% (-3.32) totaling $62.87. I was then handed a $15 Gift card to use on a future purchase. If you take $15 from 62.87, I spent $47.87.

Not to mention the additional 5% off savings I received on the additional item I purchased because of the RedCard!

Great great savings! Do you use the Cartwheel app? Do you have a RedCard? Who knew these great apps  & combinations existed! Also, you can still use manufacturers coupons on top of these deals for more savings! They have awaken the savings beast in me!




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  • Mandi
    May 6, 2014 at 6:13 am

    I love this app! They had the formula I use for Zoe on sale last week. I don’t know how I missed the diaper sale. You SCORED with that one!

  • Zelma @
    May 6, 2014 at 11:00 am