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President Obama Takes a Walk and Surprises Everybody

I am a true fan of my President and First Lady. So when I saw the video of President Obama walking down the street, I literally smiled so big, it was like I was there.

Apparently, The President was heading over to the nearby Department of the Interior and decided to walk instead of take the Official White House transportation.

He actually walked over instead. What’s so cool to me is that I actually know where he is because I have been on that actual space just last month for the Easter Egg Hunt!

As he walked, he met all types of people who were not expecting to see the President of the Free World this day. I laughed out loud when one lady said, “OMG! Are you real? People are going to think you are wax!”

You could feel the energy of the people when they realized the President was right in front of them. Man, that is a day I would never forget if I were them. Well, he was right in front of me for the Easter Egg Hunt, I just didn’t get to meet him like they did. Lucky folks!!



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