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Sears Shop Your Way Introduces The Get Advice Feature

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Sears stays on the cutting edge of customer service. They have now introduced a Get Advice feature at Here’s how it works (video below)

Get Advice utilizes the current online and mobile shopping apps that customers already have & allows customers more access to Sears stores/associates nationwide. It’s actually like you can talk to a live associate from anywhere, and if one in Georgia doesn’t know the answer, one in Illinois might be the one to help.

I think this is especially good for women, because we no longer have to reply on the man in our life to FIX or KNOW EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING in our house. We can click on our app and now get advice on the best baby cribs to replacing the refrigerator water filters. Also, there are millions in the Shop Your Way Community, which are also available to chime in with their advice! The community helping the community! Love that!

Get Advice (Question) 1[1]

 Any member can post a question or an answer and vote on the most helpful responses.


  • Members can go to and tap “Ask a Question” in the Get Advice section or directly from a product page.
  • They can then type their question and see if an answer pops up while they type.
  • If not, they can simply follow the prompts to post their question.
  • Once the question is submitted, the answers start flowing in from store associates across the country.

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