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Beyoncé Drops A New Album! Surprise!

Did you watch SCANDAL last night? Well if you did and were on any Social Media Channels when it went off, you would have seen THE BOMB – Beyoncé herself surprised us with!




The cool thing about this self-titled album is that it features a music video for every single track! She will have 14 new songs including collaborations with her hubby Jay Z! A few more artist to make an appearance on her album include, Justin Timberlake, Frank Ocean, Drake and her two Destiny Child members Kelly & Michelle too!

Currently, you can only download the ENTIRE album on iTunes for only $15.99!  That will change on December 20, because all the songs (& videos) will then be available for sale individually! Who knew you could buy videos!!?? #late

Are you going to get it? I am!! The funny this is… I just did a post about her! WOW!! GO BEYONCE!!



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