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Stone Mountain Christmas Has Started – Review

Last Friday my family and I were invited out alone with a couple hundred other bloggers/media to Stone Mountain to preview their transformation into a Christmas Destination. In the past, I had only been to Stone Mountain one time. Before marriage & before children, so we all were excited. My children knew we were going but didn’t know why. When they say the Christmas decorations, they started bouncing up and down in the car and yelling something!! “Mommy!! Is it time for Christmas already?” Well, in Stone Mountain it is!


The Stone Mountain Christmas attraction will be from November 9 to January 1. This year, Snow Mountain, the region’s only snow park, opens for its sixth season beginning November 25, operating select dates through February 17.

While we were there, my kids were able to mingle with the Christmas Super Stars: Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer & Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster. They were able to hug and take pictures with them including Santa & The Snow Angel. Every night there is also a Christmas parade that goes through the village that full of songs and dancing.



After dinner and watching the parade we headed to the Sing-Along Christmas Train. This is actually new this year. I honestly thought we would ride around for 5 minutes, sing a few songs and get off. I was wrong. It was a FIVE MILE EXCURSION (and five miles is looooong when it’s cold & wind slapping your face) with TV monitors that played music and also allowed the children to interact with the characters. The the train stopped and we actually saw show about the Baby Jesus. It was a nice surprise.


We continued our fun over to decorate cookies! The kids were given a choice of two different cookies, frosting and toppings!! They kinda looked gross to me, but those kids ate ’em up! We also were able to catch a 4D Polar Express show too. 20131108_202621

The night ended with the Snow Angel flying over the park and then with these three words, “Let it Snow!” snow fell on us all! The kids went crazy! All of sudden fireworks came bursting through the sky right above the mountain. What a wonderful way to finish the night.


In conclusion: We had a great time. From start to finish we stayed busy & the kids stayed entertained. Would we go again, of course!!

Special Stone Mountain Christmas & Snow Mountain Promotion: $19.99 Facebook Special Nov 5. – 24  Stone Mountain Park Facebook fans can purchase Stone Mountain Christmas tickets for $19.99 plus tax (regular price is $28 plus tax for adults and $22 plus tax for children ages 3-11).



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