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My Kids are [Sorta] Famous!

Last week my children were selected to be apart of a HLN segment about The Children’s Musuem new Moneyville Exhibit. All the kids were given lines to say about Debt and what’s going on in Washintgton.

Don’t blink or you might miss my babies! They are at minute 1:10 – 1:15.

They loved seeing themselves on TV!! The just screamed and did flips. It was so funny.


 Now families, adults, and children can explore the history, science, math, and economics behind money in Moneyville. This new, highly interactive traveling exhibition uses the familiar and fascinating subject of money to build math skills and promote economic literacy in a fun and urban environment. Source

When visitors enter the vibrant “city” of Moneyville they embark on an exciting hands-on tour through a money factory, an anti-counterfeiting lab, a bank, a shopping district, a stock market, and an international shipping dock. As participants engage in the multiple activities, games, and simulations of this imaginary city, they discover economic concepts, math skills, and problem-solving strategies that can help them in their real-life decision making. There are five major exhibition areas: The Money Factory; The Bank; To Market, To Market; Dollars and Sense; and Global Trade.




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