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What are you doing with the Dash? 19xx – 20xx

This is me. Standing in my office looking out of the window, feeling like Life is Passing me by. From time to time I have these self-reflections and personal Aha moments. I had one today while driving to my children’s school. It centered around the dash.


What is the dash? When we pass away, three things are written on our tombstone; the year we are born, the year we pass away and the DASH in between. 197X – 20XX. I am in the middle of reading the book 30 days to a No Regret Life and he spoke about how important the DASH is. Then I heard the exact same thing on The Steve Harvey Morning Show a few weeks ago. The Dash! What am I doing with the DASH.

I was driving to my daughters school around 9 am this morning, feeling grateful for my current job and it’s flexibility. I begin to think about Life and what is it really about. I begin to think about how time does actually go by so quickly, you look up and years have passed you by. Is life about a career, really? Is life about being rich, really? Or is life about the memories and experiences you make along the way. Yes we all want a whole bunch of money, but I started thinking about why I want it. Do I want it to just have it or do I actually want what it can bring – more experiences.

What am I doing with my Dash? Am I spending majority of my day in an office – not making a major difference in anyone’s life. I want to make a difference with my Dash. I want to make lasting memories with my Dash. I want to have a DASH that is full of experiences that are out of this world. People don’t always remember the year of birth or death but what you do with the time you were given.

How am I going to make the most of my Dash? I am literally figuring that out as I type because something has to give.

How are you making the most of your Dash?



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  • Kita
    August 29, 2013 at 7:29 pm

    Powerful. I want my dash to be a legacy after I am gone and I want people to remember what I did that helped others with that dash. I know people who have died without accomplishing anything with their life or did they……… Sometimes we are doing something with that dash even if we think we aren’t. It could be sacrificing so that our kids can have better, it could mean the people we meet along the way maybe we helped them from depression, it could mean us setting an example of marriage, etc. Great post

    • Bernetta
      August 29, 2013 at 7:34 pm

      Thanks Kita! I just wrote what I was feeling today. I had a WHOLE BUNCH more to say, but I trimmed it down.

  • Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama
    August 30, 2013 at 4:04 pm

    Amen sister. This is such an amazing post. I love that you are taking the time to step back and evaluate exactly what you want to do with your “dash”. I often think about what would be said about me at my funeral and I want it to be significant, I want to have made a change in the world and in the people around me. Thank you for the reminder.

  • Lynn
    September 5, 2013 at 1:46 am

    Kudos on this post… I live each day trying to make a difference even if its just a stranger in the elevator or in the hallway! I’m trying to make the best of my dash! I have ppl tell me all the time how great of a person I am but I want that to live on even when I’m gone! Hopefully, I can leave a positive mark on the lives and hearts of others! Thanks for sharing your thoughts this is major & make one thinks!

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