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Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine Review

DSCN0619 I was delighted when Bissell contacted me about trying out their Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine. They delivered it to my home for me to try on our carpet.

It was a great time to clean the carpets because we recently moved into a new home and the previous residents didn’t clean the carpets as well as we would have liked. And having a new baby, clean floors are important because we want the baby to have free range when he starts crawling.

We were able to keep it for a week, so my hubby was able to take his time with it. I decided to interview him because he was actually the one that used it.

Hubby, what did you like about the Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine?

I like that it was very easy to use. It seemed to glide as I went over the carpet. It uses less water which saved me time because I didn’t have to empty the compartment as much. Which means less time dumping dirty water. Because it uses less water it doesn’t soak up our carpet. Which I soon found out allowed our carpet to dry quicker.

DSCN0590 DSCN0586

The previous residents cleaned the carpet but the edges of the carpet appeared to still be dark. Too dark for our taste. It seemed like every room needed to be cleaned over. Hubby was able to do all the rooms, the steps leading to the basement, one of a family room rugs and even the couch pillows.


Hubby, were you happy with the results?

Yes. I would also use it again. It wasn’t to bulky compared to other carpet cleaners. The attachments worked well and cleaned everything I needed it to clean. I only needed water (because Bissell supplied the cleaning liquid). It has the measuring cup built in so that was one less worry.


We had a surprise spill the day before Bissell was due back to pick up the cleaner. My daughter spilled my BERRY SMOOTHIE on my carpet by accident. I didn’t get a before picture because honestly, I was mad. I was more worried about this stain and how I would get it out. My husband wasn’t home when it happened but all I could think about was “The Bissell!” My husband used it and we were very happy with the result. You can hardly tell where the two stains were.

Benefits of this professional grade cleaning machine


  • Outcleans the leading rental carpets cleaner for professional grade results.
  • Cleans on the forward and backward pass for reduced cleaning time and dries faster than the leading competitive rental carpet cleaners.
  • Rotating Dirtlifter Power brushes
  • Includes a 24oz BISSELL 2x Professional Deep Cleaning Formula
  • Removable, large capacity clean and dirty water tanks with Flow indicator so you know when it’s time to check them
  • 5 year limited warranty

To rent this machine or to see a fun video comparing it to another popular carpet cleaner out there visit

There is also a version for pet homes available to rent from PetSmart: It’s an all-purpose deep cleaner that specifically addresses pet stains too!




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