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Why did I go Natural Photo Shoot Social Spotlight

In August I had the pleasure of meeting Kiwi the Beauty, at a photoshoot for natural hair. I was selected to tell my story and mingle with some of the coolest natural hair bloggers in Atlanta. (All these bloggers don’t specifially blog about natural hair, but we all are natural.)

To read the entire article and see why I actually went “Natural” please visit Kiwi’s site.


Special thanks to all the people that made this shoot possible!
Check out their site, services & blogs!

Salon Aamono
Owner: Brittany Allen
1016 Howell Mill Rd Suite 3206, Atlanta, GA 30318
Twitter @SalonAamono
Q aka ABurnsPhotos
Twitter @Aburnsphotos
Instagram @Aburnsphotos
MUA (Make-Up Artist)
Tiffany Roosevelt of DawnLamar Cosmetics
Facebook Group
Instagram @dawnroosevelt
Kiwi Aka KiwiTheBeauty – Organizer of #KiwiBlogCollab
Twitter @KiwiTheBeauty
Instagram @KiwiTheBeauty


Erica aka Swarthy Daisy
Twitter @SwarthyDaisy
Instagram @SwarthyDaisy



Dee Dee aka Miss Foodie Fash
Twitter @MissFoodieFab
Instagram @MissFoodieFab

Nikka Shae aka OhNikka!

Twitter @OhNikka
Instagram @OhNikka
Tarika aka Pursuit of Nappiness
Twitter @PursuitofNappiness
Instagram @drtsulli

Kerrie aka Virtuous Styls
Twitter @Virtuousstyls
Instagram @Virtuousstyls
Bobbie aka Its Bobbies World

Twitter @itsbobbiesworld
Instagram @_itsbobbiesworld



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