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Young Masterminds of Atlanta – Georiga Gives Day

It’s not to early to start thinking about summer camps nor is ever to late to donate to a cause that helps our children. I know one of the creators of Young Masterminds of Atlanta, Shatavia Elder, and this is ONE AWESOME ORGANIZATION for children. Every summer since they started I have asked them to please come to my county so my son could enroll. If you are in Atlanta, Decatur, or Morrow – then lucky for you. Your children are in for an educational summer that will leave them with life lessons well into adulthood. (Click on image to visit website.)
For the past decade, the cofounders of Young Masterminds of Atlanta have had one mutual passion: Today’s Youth. Each summer, children from all over the metro Atlanta (and surrounding) areas come to what parents have called: “The BEST Summer Camp For Kids.” They are astounded to know that their child will learn the importance of money and fiscal responsibility, entrepreneurship, life skills, leadership and much more. However we need your support. Although we are a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, they do not recieve any government grants. They rely on their awesome team of people who see the same vision they do and the parents who love our program. Consider donating to their worldwide cause to fill the world with Young Masterminds. Make a donation here:
This summer they reached the youth in two (2) different Atlanta areas.
Decatur, GA (above) and Morrow, GA (below).

The Federal Reserve Building is always an enjoyable place for the Young Masterminds (below). They get to learn about the economy, finances, how money is made, the differnce between real vs. counterfeit, why money is shredded and all about the other Federal Reserve offices around the nation.

Check out the overview video from Summer 2011 below



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