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My Movie Review- The Odd Life of Timothy Green

I wanted to do a blog post last week when I saw the pre-screening of The Odd Life of Timothy Green, but wife/motherhood responsibilities took over. I know the movie is opening this weekend so I really wanted to say something about this movie.

My husband, children & I were blessed enough to get pre-screening press tickets to a screening sponsored by Disney. I told my son the name of the movie we were going to see and he was really excited. I was shocked he even knew about the movie.

Besides the fact I knew the boy had leaves on his legs, I knew nothing about this movie. After watching it, I can honestly say I really enjoyed this movie. So much so, that I cried at the end. It was just a good quality, family, fantasy-but-wish-it-was-real movie. As soon as it ended, my son shouted, “Mommy, that was awesome!” Even today, a week later, my daughter mentioned the movie. She said we need to buy it! What is so funny to me, is that when I got out the car I found a leaf on the ground and acted like it was on my skin. My children froze in their spots. They were speechless. I then said, “I am going back in the ground tonight!” My daughter almost started crying, and said, “Please stop playing mommy!” Then they started picking up leaves staying, “Look mom! I am from the garden!” They said they are going to write down they want a baby brother on a piece of paper and put it in the ground. I just gave them a side eye look!

My final words are: GREAT.
It’s a great family movie. Like I said, it’s a fantasy mixed with realness. It’s an ending you don’t expect nor want. I guess that is what brought on my tears. It kept the attention of my 4 & 7 year old and we even talked about what lesson did we learn from this movie! My lesson was, “You can have whatever you want if you really believe it can manifest.” My son’s lesson was, “Don’t kick a girl in the face to hide your leaves!” You have to see the movie to get that one!

Did you go see it? What did you think?



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  • Trey
    August 18, 2012 at 8:14 pm

    We liked the movie also. It’s rare when a PG movie is good without being too tilted, either with fart jokes or melancholy.

    • BernettaStyle
      August 20, 2012 at 12:37 pm

      I agree Trey! I didn’t know what to expect but was so delighted!