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Miss Jessies Pillow Talk & Curltopia Launch Event

Last Friday I was also invited to Ms. Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls Launch at Curltopia Salon hosted by Natural Hair Blogger Lexi. Unfortunately, I had to choose between two events: 1) Super Why Live with the family or 2) Ms. Jessie’s Pillow talk.  Me being me, I tried to do both! After the Super Why Show I hauled my husband and children over to the salon to see my other natural blogger friends!

When I arrived everyone was almost gone but I got a chance to hug a few necks and take a few pictures. I was also given my FULL SIZE of Ms. Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls. Unfortunately, I have rope twist right now and can’t use this product. I plan to take them out next month and not only will I try this product but I will be also going to Curltopia to get my hair styled! This salon was gorgeous! Chic and elegant at the same time!

I look ROUGHER-THAN-A-MUG! (picture from If I Were a Brit Girl)
I went to work, then Super Why Live then HERE! I wasn’t going to take pictures that day…. especially standing next to the Fabulous Trina of Baby Shopaholic!

The Salon



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