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Free Ms. Jessies Samples! Yep, More than 1!!

I just got an email from my friend that started with “FREE”. She told me that Ms. Jessies Hair Care products are offering 3 Free Samples with Free Shipping! I went to the site IMMEDIATELY and put my order in for 1 Curl Pudding & 2 Curl Meringue (I haven’t tried this one yet!). Honestly, I do NOT buy Ms. Jessies products because they are a little too expensive for my taste. Although, I have had a few samples from hair shows and its worked GREAT on my hair. Their Curl Pudding gave my hair the most defined curls I have ever seen! Their shampoo and conditioner is great too! I just personally do not want to spend $30 – $60 for 8oz-16oz of hair care products, but when I get a sample I use it all up. 

So if you like Ms. Jessie’s like I do, here is the link for you 3 Free Samples
** You do have to put in your credit card info but they won’t charge it.**

This is a picture of before and after one their curl products (It’s not me.)
Client’s hair all natural. She wants no chems but wants maximum curl definition. She desperately needs a shape.

We turned her kinks to curls non-chemically and shingled her hair with Curly Pudding. She will use Curly Buttercreme to refresh and hydrate her curls to encouraged length



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  • Joyce@MommyTalkShow
    July 6, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    Thanks for sharing this.
    I’ve had a hit and miss experience with Miss Jessie’s, but you can’t beat free!
    So I signed up.