Cuddly Monkey Tote Review & Giveaway

Who loves a good go-to-bag? A mom, that’s who. I have had the pleasure of carrying around The Chic Bag designed by Cuddly Monkey for the past few weeks and it is now my official “go-to-bag.”

The beach is your catwalk.

Practical and rugged, yet stylish and streamlined, The Chica is our modern twist on the classic beach tote. A “secret” zippered compartment provides convenient access to your keys or sunglasses, while our “x-ray” lining acts as a visual checklist for your beach day necessities.

I like this bag because it’s BIG. As a mother of two young children, I carry about alot of things when I am with them. I carry toys, snacks, games, books and all my stuff too. As a mom, you just always want to be prepared when you are out with your kids. And even if you know you may not need everything that you have in your BAG, you want to be prepared just in case. I enjoyed this bag because it allowed me to fit everything inside comfortably and look cute too. The CHIC Bag is a bright red sturdy bag. It even has a cute black and white beach design on the inside. The handles are strong which can fit easily over your shoulder. My favorite part of the bag is it’s hidden pocket right on the front of the bag. It’s a medium size pocket with a zipper that is big enough for my cell phone, keys, sun glasses, lip stick, etc. BIG enough for all the most important small things that would usually get lost at the bottom. I use this pocket for all my most important things.

It’s also cute enough that – for the last few weeks, I’ve wore it with every outfit! I am not saying it matched because you know we like to coordinate!! But it had all my things in it and was very comfortable to carry. Pefect for a mommy on the go. You don’t have to be a mommy of many to carry this bag though. You could use this for anything and actually pick from a variety of style and colors that work for you.

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Who is CuddlyMonkey? Cuddly Monkey tote bags are the definition of functional fun. On the outside, the durable 100% cotton canvas makes the bag useful for any outing. On the inside, the vividly designed cotton linings prove that Cuddly Monkey isn’t your basic tote bag. It’s the tote for every lifestyle, from the inside out.



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