How to get your Hubby/BF to be romantic without telling him what to do.

Dear Ladies,

This is a re-post from my other blog (Why Isn’t Forever Easy – WIFE). I was revisiting some other post and thought wow! These women were very supportive and we had some great discussions and just thought I’d share a few of the great post and responses! (Click on the link above to see the responses!)

At a Wedding 2009 (throwback pic, lo1!)

Here’s a question I would like to ask, “How can you get your husband to be romantic without telling him what to do?”

I think that is a good question to ask. I invite all the WIFES/Girlfriends that read this blog to chime in. I think that in the beginning, there needs to be a sit down talk about the things you like, desire or things that just turn you on. And give him and opportunity to do those things. I think that you should also ask him and listen to him about the things he would like more of and do those things too. You have to give to get in most situations, so if you are giving him the things that he likes but was not always expecting ~ it might make him think twice and want to return the favor! One thing about women, we have a tendency to want the world from the men in our lives BUT never tell them! So we are sitting there with our arms crossed, lips poked out and he is sitting there wondering what is wrong with us! We have to tell them first and give them a chance and time to respond.
In my household, my husband is actually the romantic one and he is the one that has expressed to me he wants me to be more romantic! Go figure. He plans our vacations, he’s the one that is researching the cities we visit for activities to make sure we have a good time. He is thinking about who will watch the kids so we can have alone time. I was very romantic in our dating years so I know I have it in me BUT…. I guess now I have kids, bills, businesses, and shoot LIFE! The last thing I am thinking about most nights are lighting candles, playing R&B oldies, and walking in the room all slow and sexy LOL. BUT he told me that’s what he wants, so one in a blue moon he comes home to a surprise! It’s puts a big smile on his face.

So I say talk to him and tell him what you like and give him a chance to respond.
Chime in Ladies!



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  • kita
    April 12, 2012 at 8:15 pm

    I think our problem is we don’t date hard to find a reliable babysitter I am on a mission this year to find someone to take care of the kids at least once a month so that we can re connect. Great post

  • Reneé
    April 13, 2012 at 1:57 pm

    Great post. I have to say that what works for me and my hubby is for me to be very direct and explicit about what I like and what makes me happy. Then he does it in his own way and on his own time.