Ryan Cameron’s Annual Father Daughter Dance 2012!

This is the foundation’s annual gala event that is designed to strengthen the bond between a father and his daughter. Held on Father’s Day, this elegant affair allows daughters as young as 2 years of age to be treated like ladies by their dads. This is the foundation’s 10TH annual gala event celebrating the bond between fathers and daughters. Held on Father’s Day, this elegant affair allows daughters as young as 2 years of age to be treated like ladies by their dads. It’s a day neither father or daughter will soon forget, because only the best will do for “daddy’s little girl.”

This is an event that I have always wanted my Husband to attend with our daughter, Bailee. I think they both would enjoy this so much. One thing I love about my husband and daughter is that they have a true Daddy/Daughter relationship. Bailee is a true “Daddy’s Girl!” and what my husband says is law! She is always saying, “Mommy, my daddy said this! My daddy said that!” And when he comes into the room, it takes no less than 1 second for her to scream, “Dadddddddddddddy!!” and runs up to him with open arms! He just eats it up too. He calls her my little princess and can definitely calm her down when I can’t! I love seeing them interact and only makes me wish I knew what a true Father daughter relationship felt like. I wish I was a Daddy’s girl! But that is a blog for another day. This is the event of the year for Fathers and Daughters, so if you can take your princess – I am sure it will be a day neither one of you will forget. I plan to talk to my husband about it tonight. Or better yet surprise him with the tickets because this event SELLS OUT EVERY YEAR!
Please visithttp://www.ryancameron.org/ for more information. Also, please please please go to the website to view pictures of last years event. It was so elegant!
Please click here to purchase tickets! By the way…. they are $190 for the pair, add $95 for additional daughters!
*This is my hubby and baby girl at our church’s Father Daughter Dance 2 years ago!*



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    March 8, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    This is a very nice EVENT…my daughter’s elementary school had a father/daughter dance yearly and my daughter and her father have attended…It was really nice to see them dress up and go out…More dads need to SHOW their daughter’s how a REAL MAN is supposed to treat them or they will end up accepting ANYTHING!!!

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