2012 White House Easter Egg Roll

Did you know that they have an Easter Egg Hunt at theWhite House every year? And did you know that you could go? Yep! You sure can, but you have to have tickets. You can not buy them buy win them through their special lottery drawing. Fortunately for you, the lottery starts today and closes on March 5th.

The Obamas announced on Feb. 24 that the White House Easter Egg Roll is scheduled for Monday, April 9th. The Egg Hunt is always held the Monday after Easter and if I get these tickets, I will move mountains to take my children! And who knows, I might meet the Obamas! Just like I thought I might meet Oprah when I went to Harpo! (Didn’t happen but Harpo was still a great place to be!)

Can anyone come? No. You must have a child under 12 to qualify.

Click here for the lottery link > Easter Egg Roll <



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