Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds pierced my heart.

Last night I saw this movie with my husband. My eyes were glued to the screen the entire film. I really enjoyed this film and love giving Tyler Perry the credit by saying, he is getting better and better with each film (not including any Madea Films!). And nothing is wrong with the Madea Films but we kinda know what to expect from those films.

I cried at the end of this film when he handed Lindsey, (played by Thandie Newton) two tickets. Tears started to fall down my cheek. After the movie I just sat silent on the way home. I help put the kids to bed and then again sat silent. I couldn’t sleep last night either. I laid and looked at the ceiling until 5am. My alarm goes off at 6am. Why did this movie effect me like this? Why did it raise up so many emotions in me? I think because I see myself in Linday & Wesley (played by Tyler Perry). In past blog post (on www.wife2010.com) I have had a tendency to give away the movie…so I will try not to do that today.

I always think it is so brave when a person chooses to change their lives in the hardest of times because it’s the best thing for them and they know if they go through with it – they would be unhappy. For example, if you are about to marry someone and the day before you call it off because you know if your heart that person is not the one. I know it may hurt the other person, but that person has to do what’s best for them. Or if you quit your job and you don’t have another one, but you have a strong desire to follow your dream. I think that is so brave. One word that Wesley was called by his fiance Natalie (played by Gabrielle Union), was “predictable”. When she said it, he really started to think and reassess some things. I started thinking, does predictable mean unfulfilled or unhappy? You go through the motions because that is what you are suppose to do or what you are use to doing. It just doesn’t mean that is what you really want to do.

In the movies, you can run away from your reality. You can just walk away. You can get on a bus, a plane or a train and just change your life. But in real life it is not that easy. It is possible but not easy. I think it hit me so hard because there are some major things I would just love to change but it’s not that easy to walk away – although, it is possible.

After watching this movie, I want to do more good for people. I just do. Not expecting anything in return from them. I plan to start doing one “Good Deed” a day. Life is about being a giver anyway.



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  • ToshaDevon
    February 29, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    B…this was AWESOME…and thank you for NOT giving away the MOVIE…As I haven’t seen it yet!!!! Now I can’t wait to see it!!!!!!!!