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Motherhood Monday

Motherhood Monday

We Turned Off Our Cable for the Summer & Now Have No Plans of Turning it Back On

By On January 5, 2015

Have you ever had a happy accident? Disconnecting our cable was not initially in the plan, but ATT & Comcast didn’t want to cooperate, so we decided to keep our money in… Read More

First Kiss,
Motherhood Monday

My 9 Year Old’s First Kiss & My “I’m Not Ready for this!” Moment #motherhoodmonday

By On December 7, 2014

2nd Grade: Son: Mom, I like a girl named Jasmine. Me: Awwww, ok. This little girl wasn’t in his class, but he saw her in the cafeteria and the hall ways during… Read More

Motherhood Monday

Amazed at How My Part-Time Blogging Got Me a Full Time “Media” Job & You a Free Gift

By On October 8, 2014

Have you ever looked back in time at a point in your life and thought, “Wow, it’s funny how it all came together!” Life is funny like that…full of moments that connect,… Read More

Motherhood Monday

11 Reasons Why My Marriage Works on My 11th Anniversary

By On September 22, 2014

My husband and I recently celebrated our 11th Wedding Anniversary over the weekend. I actually stopped him in his tracks and said, “Look.” We stopped and looked at our older daughter dancing… Read More

Motherhood Monday

8 Tips on How to Create a Family Motto | Motherhood Monday

By On September 8, 2014

Guest post by: Toiia L. Rukuni How to Create a Family Motto A family motto is used to promote unity and focus on a mutual philosophy. Many families adopt mottos or slogans as a… Read More

Basic Hair challenge
Motherhood Monday

My Hair Changed After Childbirth | BASiC Hair 90 Day Hair Growth Challenge

By On September 1, 2014

My hair has changed. Not for the better, I hate to admit. It is now thinner and lifeless (to me). What happened? I had a baby and was disillusioned. What do I… Read More

Motherhood Monday

New Baby + Less Attention = Behavior Problems |How the 5 Love Languages of Children Helped Me #MotherhoodMonday

By On August 18, 2014

I have seen & heard stories about older children acting out or getting jealous of younger siblings or new babies but hadn’t actually experienced it until earlier this year. What’s interesting is… Read More

Elf Niche
Event Recap

Elf on the Shelf Birthday Tradition & Niche Parent Party!

By On August 12, 2014

This past Saturday I learned two new things; how the Elf on the Shelf tradition was started and the how the new Elf on the Shelf Birthday tradition works. For the last… Read More

Motherhood Monday

When Your Child Wants to Start a Business #MotherhoodMonday

By On July 28, 2014

Last week I was washing dishes and my daughter came to me and said, “Mommy, I have an idea. I want to do a Nail Stand. You know, like a Lemonade stand!… Read More

Motherhood Monday

#MomSummerSeries Twitter Party Details & Prizes 7/28 8pm

By On July 24, 2014

I have really enjoyed doing the Summer Series and for my kids, summer break is coming to an end. Their school starts early August, so I feel we are trying to squeeze… Read More

Motherhood Monday

Back To School Supplies Stocked at Family Dollar #MotherhoodMonday

By On July 21, 2014

When you have three kids, I am always thinking how can I get the best deal or keep most of my money in my pocket. It’s back to school time for my… Read More

Motherhood Monday

Fly By July Results, Who Won? You Judge! #MotherhoodMonday

By On July 14, 2014

Back in December my friends and I started a Fly By July competition. We all planned to attend the Essence Festival this year in New Orleans and wanted to look our absolute… Read More