#WW: Grateful Jars & 52 Week Challenge for the New Year

I saw this on someone’s Facebook page and shared the photo. So many people resonated with this idea. I am really going to implement this. God blesses me daily and sometimes I forget how good he has actually been. Last year, I went back through my phone and forgot all the cool things I was able to do until I saw the picture. This jar will serve as a constant reminder that God is in the blessing business. At least for me and my family it will.

1501728_677433155613521_121211273_nClick continue reading to view the 52 week challenge…

And don’t forget the 52 week Challenge? I posted this in January 2013 too! Did I complete it? Nope! Did you? I started it, but ended up needing the money. I will try again.


Happy New Year everyone! The only resolution I make is to be better than the year before! What about you?



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    Happy New Year, Bernetta! My only resolution for 2014 is to get out of my own way. Not letting self-doubt stop me from taking action…i.e. (my blog, etc)

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    We are doing it also we did our first things last night and put it in our jar. I hope to fill it up with nothing but good this year. Happy new Year to you and yours.

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    Oh i saw this a few days ago and I am definitely taking advantage of this. I thought this was a pretty cool idea.. This idea for sure moved me and my mine into thinking how much I was grateful for. It’s so amazing how this jar got my brain working into over drive.

    I’m excited about this idea and many blessings to you as well. Let’s KEEP THIS ROCK’IN!


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    I love this. I do a gratitude journal each morning, and I have a mini one on an app. But I should do this to engage my husband in it more. At dinner we don’t say grace, we just say what we’re grateful for, but it often gets repetitive. I’m going to try this jar out.

    As for the money challenge. I did it last year, backwards so if I quit early, I’d have saved more than not. I ended up just moving 1500 to savings and calling it a day cuz I was getting annoyed with having to remember the deposits lol. But now we have some extra travel savings for the year.

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      I should journal daily but I don’t. I used to do it often but now I do when the spirit moves me. I should do better because I always have things on my mind

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    Love this post. I did the same thing and but mines is called the dream jar.

    I never heard of the 52 week challenge but I’m going to try this. Starting… now! lol Happy New Year love .

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    Oh myyyy… I FAILED miserably at the Money Saving Challenge… I will try again this year and the JAR thingy hopefully, I can get through it!

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