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I get asked this question many times. The question is really, “How do you grow your hair so fast or so long.” My answer is, it’s not about how fast are you growing your hair but how do you retain the length you already have!

Retain HairA friend emailed me this question and instead of writing her back, I made a quick video. I saw this video in my YouTube account and thought, “People are still asking me this!” so I decided to post the video. Continue reading to view the video! 

Here are some basic tips to retain length:

  • Get a Wash/Cond/Wear routine that works for your hair and lifestyle.
  • Wear protective styling often. You can switch it up too! There are many styles!
  • Use a shampoo and conditioner that works great on your hair.
  • Be aware of pins, rubber bands, ponytail holders and more that pull out your hair. Use them sparingly.
  • Find a good detangling product in addition to combs and brushes.
  • Deep condition at least every two weeks. Some people do it weekly. I don’t.
  • Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! Dry hair BREAK OFF. Keep your hair moisturized.  I personally use Soft Butter. (Shameless Plug!)

What is your routine to retaining length? Am I missing something?






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    Bernetta, I think you have covered everything. The only thing i would add is not to forget your satin bonnet at night. I don’t do anything different from what you have listed here. My only protective style I do is my go-to “puff” but I plan on doing more styles with my hair.

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    Great post Bernetta! I am working on retaining my length as well. My biggest hurdle is scissors. Because I get a lot of single strand knot and trim it a little too often. So I am not only keeping it moisturized and in protective styles, but stretching it as well so that my tight curls don’t curl up on to itself and form a knot.
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