Happy Birthday To ME!! Birthday Blues! (Mini-Video)

It’s my birthday! It’s my NEW YEAR! I am happy and grateful I made it to 29 + 8, healthy kids, great husband and all the gifts, talents and opportunities God has given me!! So grateful, but sometimes I still get the birthday blues every birthday. I always use my birthday as a way to reflect back on my life, decisions, choices, and plans. All year I am moving and shaking and on my birthday I am thinking, “I haven’t done enough!” “I am not far enough in this road called life!” “I should be farther along!” “When is this going to happen?”

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Birthdays should be a happy time and should be spent celebrating life, but I promise you it is always a day of reflection for me. I don’t do it on purpose but I guess that just me. It’s currently 11:11am and I have already been reflecting, thinking, planning, wondering, hoping, wishing, and had a moment! Girl, it’s ya birthday – stop being so deep and ENJOY YOUR DAY!!!

I don’t really have any major plans today. I wanted to do a paint party, but didn’t plan it out. Then I talked to my hubby about doing a game / Mexican night tonight at my house, but then I backed out. So, today if my mom watches my children tonight – the hubby and I will probably do dinner and movie. I am cool with that. I do eventually want to throw myself a big hoopla of a party, but it’s not this year. Maybe for my 40th! I think everyone deserves one great birthday party in their life! I haven’t had mine yet.

How are Birthday’s for you? Is it a BIG DEAL? Do you lay low?




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    I normally do something…even if its just a small dinner out with either my sisters or a few friends. I did do a little something on my milestone bday in 2012. Whatever you do, just enjoy your day, dear! Happy birthday, again!

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