7 month Big Chop Growth Update

Honestly, there is no other word to describe it … Amazing, at least to me!

I cut my hair OFF 7 months ago (June 2nd) to start over. You can read more about why HERE.
Well, 7 months later I decided to get it straightened to actually see the growth in length. I was having my baby shower Saturday so what better occasion to go see the stylist.

Picture taken: June 2nd & June 3rd

Picture taken: December 5 – with Stylist, Lenette Day

I tried a new stylist at the referral of my co-worker. Also, my hair in the bottom picture was not cut or clipped at all. The layered look is the way my hair has grown back. Lenette told me my hair was very healthy! My appointment was at 8:30 am and she got me in and out! 
Well, what I have I been doing for 7 months? I put Jamaican Black Castor Oil on my hair/scalp often (not daily). I keep my hair in protective styles most of the time. Since, I cut my hair it’s either been twisted or braided at least 3 weeks out of a month. Pregnancy hasn’t hurt either, those prenatal vitamins are probably working! Although I still had braids, or twist I still moisturized my hair in the shower or misted it with a water bottle. When I did take out my braids, I would deep condition my hair.
My husband’s mouth dropped when I walked in the house. He literally said, “Wow!” Followed by, “How long are you going to keep it like that?” I said, “Until I wash it!” 
I do not plan on straightening my hair again until I hit the one year mark or Mothers Day (11 months). It just depends on how I feel. When I do, I plan on visiting Lenette again for sure. She does natural and relaxed hair and her prices are great! 
Stylist information:
Lenette Day / Master Cosmetologist (Specializing in Dominican Styling)
Salon Suites – 2365 Spring Rd
Suite 313
Smyrna, GA 30080
$35 Shampoo w/ Roller Set (no blowout)
$40 Shampoo w/o Blowout (relaxed)
$45 Shampoo w/o Blowout (natural)  
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  1. Bobbie says

    Bernetta….love your hair! You look fabulous. I want to straighten my hair at my 1yr mark, but a lil scare if my curls don’t return. But I still may do it just to see my length

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