Manicure Monday on Tuesday (again)

Hello Ladies!

I just couldn’t make the deadline yesterday! Kids, kids and well kids. After a weekend of taking the kids to two birthday parties Saturday… Church Sunday, then Parent Palooza…my son’s first real book report. I was tired!

But I did my manicure today so I could join in the fun. Plus last week I still had on my Kiss Press & Peels. They did last 10 days. I ended up removing them.

Today, I tried the other sample pack of Impress Nails. They’re more like fake nails but you do press and stick. My silly behind put the first 4 on backwards! Meaning the part that goes on your cuticle, I had turned that upside down and thought “Ok this is cute!!” Until, I figured it out! SMH at myself.

Once I got them turned around, they looked even better. Well, just like the last time, I didn’t paint any nails. I just went press and peel crazy and did them all. I will be honest and say that I like the stickers better than these. I can tell already.

I say that because one or two came off while I was trying to pull on the others. At least once you have the stickers on – they stay stuck. But I do like the design and would buy them for a special night.
I am not a fan of polishing my own nails so these and Impress / Kiss Presses are GREAT for me!

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    Lol!!!!! Gurrrrl, you are too funny but how ’bout I didn’t even know they sold these with the design & all this is a quick fix! Like you said for a temporary look this is great & I love the design once you gotta all on & in place! Lol!

    Don’t forget to link up… The link remains up for the rest of the week! Thanks!


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    Cute! I need to try these! I’ve seen these in the store but never thought to get them. I always think of the old school press-ons that fell off 20 minutes after you put them on! I’m glad they lasted 10 days for you !


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    I had to pry mine off when I tried them. I got some at BlogHer and they filed my nails down and wiped with alcohol I guess that’s why they stuck on so long. However, my fingers are very wide and you could see the edge on my thumbs. It bothered me so until they make a larger size I can’t wear those. However I love that design. Trina rocks them faithfully.

    Thanks for linking up!

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    What?! I need to check these out asap! I am too cheap to pay for a manicure, but these would be perfect! I love how they are already colored and designed!

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